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Shattered - Nicole Banks

Nicole contacted me about reviewing Shattered. Wow!!! I was truly impressed with this book. It was like a breath of fresh air. I am seriously craving more.

This isn't your typical love story where there's instal-love or some messy love triangle. Oh no, this is was much deeper, much darker, and real.

Jasmine has gone through hell, literally. My gosh my heart ached because of all she went through. She's healing slowly, dealing day by day with her demons. She's still afraid and everyone around her is understanding and tries their hardest to make sure she's dealing with everything that has happened to her. She is however incredibly strong despite what has happened. You can tell she is trying so hard to defeat her demons but they keep knocking her down.

Angel has just come home from Afghanistan. He has been gone for a couple years but always wrote to Jasmine. Neither one really telling the other about their true demons until they're face to face. Angel is a good man, I totally melted once getting to know his character. He swore to Jasmine's brother Jay he would always protect and take care of Jasmine but soon realizing that he wasn't there when she truly needed him. The guilt along with everything else that happened in Afghanistan is about to eat him alive. It's really heartbreaking.

We slowly see Jasmine fight her demons and show those around her and herself that she will be okay. Angel still struggles with his attraction to Jasmine. He knows she's going through so much and that she has trouble trusting men so he holds back trying hard to fight his feels. He also feels he's not good enough for Jasmine because when she needed him he wasn't here.

Angel and Jasmine's relationship wasn't based on sex. It was based on trust, communication and making sure they really had feelings for each other. They didn't want to ruin their friendship before trying something. It was definitely refreshing to read something other then a physical relationship.

Overall, I LOVED THIS BOOK! I really loved it. I loved Jasmine and Angel. I loved the different points of view. I loved the relationship between Angel and Jasmine. I loved how they were overcoming their demons and trying hard to open up and have a relationship. It was so refreshing to see a relationship deal with real issues. I couldn't put the book down once I started. I just amazed by the whole story. I didn't even realize I had finish the book I was so involved in the story. The only thing I wish would've been answered was how Jasmine's brother Jay died but I am hoping that the second part answers that. Other than that, I am so glad I had a chance to review this book. I know I am going to re-read it over and over again. I cannot wait for the second part. I know it is going to be absolutely amazing. For a first time author Nicole wrote an amazing story and I cannot wait to see what else Nicole has in store